Your Ideal Energy Partner with Expertise in Energy Efficiency, Renewables, and Real Estate Investment Management

By making the electrification of real estate assets more straightforward and accessible, we enable our clients to achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. We offer a range of sustainability-focused options tailored to individual needs, using data-driven technologies to help organizations achieve their objectives.

Energy Solutions for the Built Environment

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Solar Energy

Maximizing Solar Benefits for Property Owners and Developers

After conducting an in-depth property assessment to evaluate solar potential, we then design the system configuration, obtain necessary permits, procure equipment, and perform the installation. We work closely with local utility companies to review and approve the interconnection process. A2 provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

End-to-end solutions for installing and managing EV infrastructure

We understand the latest industry standards, utility subsidy programs, tax credits, and technologies. This enables us to design and install EV charging stations tailored to diverse environments, including multi-family residential, commercial, and public locations, from selecting the optimal charging equipment to ongoing maintenance.

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HVAC and Building Automation

Automation technologies with precise control over a building's climate and systems

A2 is at the forefront of HVAC and building automation technologies.  Our expert team will evaluate your HVAC systems and provide turn-key engineered retrofit solutions that increase system reliability, reduce energy consumption, and provide better comfort.  We will integrate building automation technologies that optimize system performance, provide real-time visibility, and ensure long-term efficiency.


Energy storage and co-generation designed for scalability

A2 will develop a microgrid solution that creates energy resilience for your facility.  Utility grids are aging, natural disasters and wildfires are becoming more common, and outages are occurring more often.  We assess your site’s energy needs and create a plan to provide energy independence with an onsite microgrid.  The microgrid will incorporate distributed energy technologies, such as renewables, energy storage, and generators, with integrated smart controls.  Based on real-time conditions, the smart controls will determine the best place to source power, whether from onsite generation, storage, or utility.  In the event of an outage, the microgrid will operate in island mode keeping your facility online.  In addition to providing energy resiliency, microgrids will reduce your overall energy costs.  A2 can provide a fully financed solution to implement a microgrid at your facility.


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Energy as a Service

A2’s Energy-as-a-Service solutions include a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of energy consumption, including electricity generation, storage, and demand management. By taking the burden off our client’s shoulders, we enable them to focus on their core operations while maximizing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Our pay for performance model can provide building owners with new infrastructure with no upfront capital while shifting the responsibility of system performance to A2.

A2 Energy Partners

Making electrification of real estate assets straightforward, accessible, and ultimately more profitable

We operate with a focus on partnership to transform the way real estate stakeholders and utility providers interact, simplifying the process to achieve a positive impact on the environment while generating long-term value for stakeholders.