Customized financing packages for real estate owners to monetize their investments in renewable energy

A2 assesses lease agreements and contract structures, enabling owners to use their capital and benefit from utility expense savings and pursue any available utility rebates, subsidies, and tax incentives to reduce the project's overall cost.

Additionally, A2 can provide the necessary capital to eliminate the upfront investment requirement. We offer various funding options tailored to your circumstances, including Energy as a Service contracts, Power Purchase Agreements, and PACE Loans.

A2 Funded

A2 funds the entire energy upgrade project and owns the infrastructure.   The upgrades reduce consumption and generates power and the client benefits from a reliable energy supply and new infrastructure without upfront costs, maintenance, or responsibilities.


A2 designs,  develops, and delivers the project on behalf of the client.  The client maintains ownership of the project and infrastructure. A2 can provide ongoing asset management, including maintenance and operations. 

Joint Venture

A2 and the client both contribute capital.  A2 designs, develops, and delivers the project.  A financial arrangement is structured which can involve shared investment, revenue sharing, or a combination of financing options from the A2-funded and client-owned models.

A2 Energy Partners

Making electrification of real estate assets straightforward, accessible, and ultimately more profitable

We operate with a focus on partnership to transform the way real estate stakeholders and utility providers interact, simplifying the process to achieve a positive impact on the environment while generating long-term value for stakeholders.